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Telling the true story that I am living . .


Travel for me is all about education and the people i meet, and that always makes the trip, that’s why I usually like to travel solo – it makes it heaps easier to connect with the locals and get an inside look at the big picture.

We live in a world where everyone wants to posses all the pleasure and happiness. Nobody rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure cause it is pleasure, but most of us do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally and to stimulate happiness for ourselves. I have found that the ultimate source of happiness and joy is to TRAVEL to your heart’s content.

For people like us, this is the reason why we discovered the feeling of pure ecstasy and true meaning of being happy. Imagine the simple pleasure of being lost in the middle of nowhere, a place where no one knows who you are, in a place where you will be a complete stranger , a place where you can experience something new everyday.

Discover pure ECSTASY!!

The Most beautiful places i have ever seen 

I strongly believe that every place is beautiful in it’s own way but there are a few places which are just mesmerizing and breath taking.

Out of all the places we ever visited, there is always going to be a few which are our favorites, you know what i am talking about. Those places which are simply amazing to us, where we feel at home, It might be the people, the color of the buildings, the freshness in the air, the climate, the trees, the view , the texture of sand, but for me personally it’s the vibe i get from the place. The energy which surrounds us.

See the world through one hell of a PERSPECTIVE!!

Experience the world through a perspective like never before! 

These are a few photographs which captures the unique onrush of scenery, air, mountains, roads, trees, people and places.


Oh, the places we visit..











Rann of Kutch




Jim Corbett



What the hell are you waiting for?