I like to believe that God has a great sense of humor. We, humans, were polluting the earth and its atmosphere in the name of development and production. The universe brings us a respiratory illness to help clear the air. You have to see the irony in that.

“We are breathing better cause of a respiratory illness”

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus, streets were cleared, factories were shut, planes were grounded, and the governments asked us to stay the fuck home to stop the spread of the virus. So it’s like God had asked to go to our rooms because we were all acting like assholes. The WORLD was shut.


Keeping all the humans indoors had a lot of unintended benefits for the ecosystem of the world. In Japan and Thailand, herds of deer and barrels of monkeys are roaming the streets freely. Canal water in Venice has cleared up, and there has been a noticeable drop in greenhouse gas emissions around the world. The clouds of toxic gas floating over industries have disappeared. Governments around the world are implementing quarantines and travel restrictions, it is causing a significant decline in pollution. The traffic on roads has also fallen dramatically over the last few days. Air quality has quality notably improved from the lockdown.

Scientists have urged world leaders to reduce the ever-increasing Global-warming emissions for decades. But now due to a virus the average number of “good quality air days” has gone up by around 21.5%. This is due to the reduction in Nitrogen dioxide [NO2] and Carbon dioxide [CO2] emissions. Nitrogen dioxide [NO2] is a short-lived pollutant, with a lifetime in the atmosphere of about one day.  Carbon monoxide [CO] and concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 particles are also coming down. These pollutants can provoke serious inflammation of our respiratory system. This positive trend on the pollution levels will continue for the next couple of weeks and months. But once the virus is stopped, and economy reboots, chances are that the toxic chemicals could go up to higher levels than before. If so the skies will turn grey again. This could be an opportunity to reform our energy consumption patterns to fight climate change. The guy up there has given us a chance to reform our ways for a better and healthier tomorrow.

“In the midst of this rapidly moving global pandemic, it’s natural that we also think about that other massive threat facing us — global climate change —  and what we might learn now to help us prepare for tomorrow,”  

– Peter Gleick,  founder of the Pacific Institute in Berkeley,