Travel for me is all about education and the people i meet, and that always makes the trip, that’s why I usually like to travel solo – it makes it heaps easier to connect with the locals and get an inside look at the big picture.


These are a collection of all the beautiful moments I could capture till the time i was alive on Planet Earth.


I am a broke ass traveller who likes to take photograhers, and write stuff down. I hope i can inspire other broke ass travellers to live, travel and spread the love.


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oh, the places we visit . .

Out of all the places we ever visited, there is always going to be a few which are our favorites, you know what i am talking about. Those places which are simply amazing to us, where we feel at home.


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The onset of the new decade had brought along the thought of exploring a lot of exotic destinations this year, and it’s likely that you guys might have had similar plans. As tempted as I was to visit these enumerating destinations, we instead had to flush these plans down the toilet. A pandemic episode has restrained us to our homes for months now. The deadly coronavirus threatens to wipe out millions of us. Extend of its threat is not limited to just those who have caught it but also to our families. Meanwhile, governments are taking strict decisions with the fear of community spread. Nobody knows if the borders will remain closed? When will it be safe to travel again?

The past decade witnessed the rise of globalization and with it came free travel across the nations for millions of explorers out there. But this year brought about an array of challenges and changes shaping our lives forever. Our travel habits and vanity has set the virus loose in our world. Our relationship with the outside world has been deeply affected and this might be unsettling for us. Since the outbreak of the virus, Tourism was the first industry to be affected economically. The tourism industry has become lifeless. 10% of the Global GDP is contributed by the tourism industry. Governments are starting to forbid travel to certain nations. Countries have stopped issuing travel visas. Nations might even introduce visa norms for a compulsory virus-free certification. Each nation may have its own parameters. People themselves have canceled most of the bookings till the end of June.  The fear to use airports, the fear of being sick in a foreign land and fear of not being able to go home in the possibility of a foreign nation going into lockdown is causing the mayhem.

 As the tourism sector is under attack, it will have a great impact on the global economy: trade, transport, and services. The International Air Transport Association estimates that there will be a sharp drop in the worldwide passenger traffic with flights grounded. By the time the dust settles, more than 50 million people will lose their jobs worldwide.

This summer we all have to just wait in our houses and start shifting our travel patterns while the tourism sector holds its breath. And even after the summer, I believe most travelers will opt for Undertourism. Travelers will prefer a less popular destination than the mainstream, overly crowded destinations. These alternatives will be safer for the coming days. We all have the need to plan for a seamless and stress-free holiday somewhere isolated from all the bad things in the world. The international borders are not going to be open soon, this would be a great time to trail through the regional offerings of our respected countries. Discover a glimpse of the beauty that surrounds us. These can be trails, beaches or hills near our cities. This would be a perfect weekend getaway either with your friends or family.

Remember those places we used to seek out from old school and college days? This is a chance to relive these memories, whilst creating new ones. These might be places where you had your first kiss, the first beer or the first joint. Take your old friends with you to re-foster old bonds.  Check your destination, before you actually book something. The nature of your travel experience will be based on the place you decide to go. Find out the health update of the country or state you are traveling to. Make sure it is not a high-risk area. The Demographic category of people above 60 should avoid traveling.

A crisis will present opportunities for change and a better tomorrow. We will have an increased level of appreciation of life’s simple pleasures of being outside. As we enter a new decade, we have to respond to our environment by using sustainable methods to travel. We should opt for such modes of transport which will reduce the impact on the environment. The core value here is RESPECT for the environment, culture, and humanity. We must embrace more sustainable travel trends to fight the issue of climate change.

One thing which is sure is the need to travel and the undying spirit of explores all around the world will thrive way to overcome this situation. We will travel again.