Imagine people making negative assumptions about you based on your complexion or ethnicity or nationality or religion, Imagine having to prove to these people that you are something other than what these people assume about you on a daily basis, Imagine being treated differently or being left out cause of the same, Imagine a stranger hating you for the color of the skin you were born in.

How would that make you feel?

Any of this can make you feel like you are not important or you don’t fit in. You might feel anxious, upset, angry, depressed, or even suicidal. Would you want to live like this?

From harsh comments to violent hate crimes, racism can have different forms. Any sort of discrimination, prejudgments, offensive actions, hostile behaviors, or even microaggression is a form of racism and it is unacceptable. Racist actions can and have escalated to great tragedies in the world. These intentional or unintentional offensive actions or words are faced by millions of people out there, and the impact it has on their lives is terrible. I bet most people can’t even imagine how it is like for them. We all have made assumptions based on the color of people’s skin, or the language they speak, or the structure of their face but next time you do, think about how they would feel. These experiences will have a long-lasting effect on the individuals, some of them will be scarred for life. Even certain cosmetic firms profit over the idea of racism by perpetuating that darker complexions are ugly and fairer skin is the idea of beauty.


Here are some basic facts about racism, these may not be surprising to those who face racism. They reflect a much higher frequency than being reported. This difference is because a person who faces racism will not always report it. Reports are only filed in severe cases. Studies show that an average colored person has to face racism at least 5 times a day and that will amount up to 70 times in 2 weeks. People with darker skin are more likely to get longer sentences than with people with lighter skin. Another fun fact is that out of the 109k people dead from COVID 19 in the United States of America, 100k are colored people black and brown. It is hard to believe that this disproportion is a coincidence. You have understood it happened in a country where only 12% of the population are African Americans. 23% of the overall deaths due to police brutality is of African Americans. This is the result of racial discrimination in employment, housing, and health care.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has triggered a series of protests around the world against racism. The video of the racial profiling by the police officer was taken by a bystander, through which the world saw what happened. This was just one of the many incidents, now think about how many weren’t filmed? The protesters are risking the lives of their own and others by gathering in large groups that would risk the spread of the virus. The people are screaming, shouting, and marching because they are being haunted by these inhumane crimes. Killing or lynching unarmed people cause of racial profiling can harm the mental wellbeing of others in the same community, thinking that they or their loved ones would be next.

Even in our own country, white people are more respected than our own fellow Indians. I have personally visited a beach in my home town of Trivandrum, where only white people are allowed. This form of white supremacy has been embed into our culture and minds during the period of colonization by the British. Even after 73 years of Independence, it is sadly still in our system. A mere presence of a white man in a business team has more chances of closing deals in this country. This is not because he is a talented businessman but just because of his complexion. In the same country where black men are attacked by mobs.

I strongly feel that the very thought of someone being inferior to you is absolutely wrong and just stupid. If you do think like that you are inhumane! To think that only the people who have your skin tone is good enough is just wrong. Even racial teasing which is seen as harmless can lead to anxiety issues. You know it is also possible not to discriminate against people based on something. Why do we have to make somebody else’s life more miserable than it already is?

Enough is enough, we have to raise up against racism where we encounter it. Doing the right thing won’t be easy but we have to stop this spread of hate in our world. This can be a great way for unintentional people to understand about the negative impact it has on us. Open dialogue can create room for discussion and change. Try to show empathy towards the community someone is targeting. Educate yourself about the history and impacts of racism.

In our diverse society, racism is still a major issue. We can take a stand together against it. Let this be a turning point in our world, where we finally learned to live in perfect harmony with each other. Living in a multicultural society, we can learn a lot from each other.

 “Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace,

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one”

   -John Lenon