When you think about it, it’s is funny how much time of our adulthood is spent in offices working those long hours and living these extremely busy lives. In our spare time, we keep our eyes glued to our mobile phones, switching between the same three social media apps we use every day and call us this fun. I remember scrolling through Facebook and seeing a post about “The life of a 90s kid”. And it was in one of these instances when I think about my childhood and wish to relive those days again. I bet that most of us have thought about this, but what I didn’t expect is a chance to relive those moments again as an adult.

As you all know the world is facing a global pandemic, and cause of that severe restrictions are kept to stop the spread of the virus. All the major cities are affected badly, and people living in those cities are coming back to their hometowns. Almost everyone is working from home and reunited their families. The last time something like this happened must have been one of those summer vacations. To almost everyone summer evokes pure happiness. Summers used to be a time when people came out of their shells of routine and became more open to trying new things. This lockdown season has pretty much become a huge summer vacation where all my cousins came back to town at the same time. Nobody can go back to the cities any time soon. Everyone has been working from home and used this time to spend more quality time with their families.

As you all know staying inside without any sort of exercise can make our bodies rigid and out of shape. A cousin of mine suggested the most wonderful idea “Why don’t we go outside and play like how we used to as kids?” The moment I heard this my heart was like “This is your opportunity to bring your childhood back to life again!” Everyone agreed and kind of felt like they were excited about it too. Even our old friends in the neighborhood who are still our friends even after 25 years embraced the idea. I felt like I was 12 again, energetic, optimistic, and ready to have fun. I believe that most of us just can’t resist reliving childhood memories at any age for that matter. I thought to myself what a nostalgic bunch we are.

You know how we Indians are crazy about cricket but we grew up playing an improvised version of the game called “Gully Cricket”. The rules of this game are kind of different from the actual game. Due to the lack of cricket grounds, we used to play on this farmland [GROUND].In the afternoon, we head to the ground where we used to play, and it really hasn’t changed much. After all, it was just a ground, how can it change, we are the ones who changed. We are older now, and this is the first time any of us held a cricket bat in over a decade. We were all ready to pick it up where we left off. Given the situation, one might think that we are playing for fun and we don’t take the game seriously. The truth is actually far from it and everyone wants to win. And this time their sons are also playing with them and watching them play. The stakes are high. Depending on the layout of the ground, the rules are made-up in Gully cricket. The fun part is implementing these made-up rules among these grownups. Since there is no video recording of the game, all the marginal calls are settled overheated arguments. It’s basically your word against theirs. But these arguments show that we are all giving it our all for the game. If these arguments don’t work, there are always a dozen ways to cheat in order to get the win. And we pull out bats and tennis balls and get set to play the game. This is the moment where you become a child again, where you play like a child, where you run like a child, and where you live like a child.

That one time when we relived our childhood
That one time when we relived our childhood

I have come to the conclusion that no matter how old or busy you become there is always an inner child sleeping inside you. It is hard to imagine a life without obligations now as an adult but I hope everyone can think about what it was like to live in the moment, and having fun without any worries about our modern life. Those days are really gone but the child is still inside you.

Let your inner child out and feel young again!