Travel for me is all about education and the people i meet, and that always makes the trip, that’s why I usually like to travel solo – it makes it heaps easier to connect with the locals and get an inside look at the big picture.


These are a collection of all the beautiful moments I could capture till the time i was alive on Planet Earth.


I am a broke ass traveller who likes to take photograhers, and write stuff down. I hope i can inspire other broke ass travellers to live, travel and spread the love.


 This is where I write my heart off, a lot of random thoughts, a couple of useful thoughts, a few meaningless thoughts, a few tested travel tips, real life storeies. and many more.  

oh, the places we visit . .

Out of all the places we ever visited, there is always going to be a few which are our favorites, you know what i am talking about. Those places which are simply amazing to us, where we feel at home.


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Humans are not that crazy about spending endless days indoors, and not really knowing what to do with ourselves. We all have been inside for a week now, and we might be going a little nuts inside or at the very least, feeling bored. I don’t think it’s easy to lock ourselves away from our family and friends. And then there are a lot of professionals who are working from home, for them the silver lining is that they don’t have to commute to their offices, which gives them more time to get back to their hobbies and do the things that they wanted to do but didn’t have time for before. We can also use this as an ideal vacation from our busy everyday lives. Just because we can’t go out doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun right?

Here are some things to do at home during the COVID QUARANTINE


With all this free time that you have now, you can learn something new like something you have always wanted. A language like French, Spanish, German, or whatever you’re trying to learn, Duolingo can help. You even learn a new instrument. There is nothing that Google cannot help you with.


When you work out, a hormone called endorphins gets released. This can also bring about feelings of euphoria and general well-being. Think about how you are going to look when all this is over. You will be in perfect shape. Workouts at home can be one of the best things that you can do when you are quarantined. You can take an online class.


Learning to cook is something that is simple and difficult at the same time. We are all foodies inside, and food is a basic necessity. Try simple recipes at first, Read the recipe, get all the raw materials ready and cook. Present it to your family or roommates as if you are on a cooking show.   


Turn on your favorite tracks and dance like nobody is watching. Dance away all your worries about the Pandemic, Corona Virus, and all the shit in this world. Forget everything and Groove to the music man.


Having fun isn’t only for kids, and just because you can’t physically be with your friends doesn’t mean that you can’t play with them. Online games can help you tackle your stress and boost your overall well-being. There are a variety of multiplayer online games out there like PUBG, Call of Duty, FIFA, etc.


One awesome way to use our free time indoors is to shoot things inside our house, get creative click away. Use your smartphones, cameras or whatever, just click and capture. Take new headshots. Another idea that occurred to me is to go through your old archives and edit old photographs.


Meditation can help you focus on one’s mind for a period of time to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Play some spiritual tracks for the soul and go into your mind and RELAX!


Read all those books that you have been planning to read ever since the day you bought them. If you don’t have books, get a digital version like a PDF or something. Read and visualize the book. I’ll give a recommendation – The Eyes of Darkness [The book that predicted the coronavirus in 1981]


You don’t have to write the next great novel, just write anything like a quote, thought, journals, poems, articles, short stories, books or whatever. Start a blog or scribble or pen down anything that goes through your mind. Make it a habit.  


You can start watching the TV-Show or movie that you wanted. Let days be nights and nights be days as we binge into the unknown, season after season. You can even browse through the options and by the time you pick one, the whole pandemic situation might have passed. You can watch a show with your friends with a little coordination, and later you can talk about it over the phone. So get your munchies ready.


Yeah, take a nap! You deserve it! Do you remember those afternoon naps from kindergarten? I have missed those. Have a heavy lunch and just doze off.


You have a wide variety of options when it comes to this. Monopoly will get rid of a lot of time. There are a lot of card games like Poker, blackjack, 28, Donkey, etc. Or you could play charades.


Make a time capsule and then let your family find it in 20 years or so. You could mention about the pandemic that we faced today or some positive vibes for the future, or some life goals to be achieved. Start planning now!


Music is practically endless, I believe there is a new song being created every 5 minutes. Browse the Internet, and listen to new artists or new songs of your favorite artists. Make a new Spotify playlist. There are websites like Bandcamp that have got all the independent artists from around the world.