Travel for me is all about education and the people i meet, and that always makes the trip, that’s why I usually like to travel solo – it makes it heaps easier to connect with the locals and get an inside look at the big picture.


These are a collection of all the beautiful moments I could capture till the time i was alive on Planet Earth.


I am a broke ass traveller who likes to take photograhers, and write stuff down. I hope i can inspire other broke ass travellers to live, travel and spread the love.


 This is where I write my heart off, a lot of random thoughts, a couple of useful thoughts, a few meaningless thoughts, a few tested travel tips, real life storeies. and many more.  

oh, the places we visit . .

Out of all the places we ever visited, there is always going to be a few which are our favorites, you know what i am talking about. Those places which are simply amazing to us, where we feel at home.


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 Five months into the pandemic and I have come to terms with the fact that this is the NEW NORMAL. I don’t think there is ever ‘a going back to the way our lives were’. The world as we knew it is over and the funny part was that we didn’t even know that it was ending,...
That one time when we relived our childhood

That one time when we relived our childhood

When you think about it, it’s is funny how much time of our adulthood is spent in offices working those long hours and living these extremely busy lives. In our spare time, we keep our eyes glued to our mobile phones, switching between the same three social media apps...
That one time to “RISE AGAINST RACISM”

That one time to “RISE AGAINST RACISM”

Imagine people making negative assumptions about you based on your complexion or ethnicity or nationality or religion, Imagine having to prove to these people that you are something other than what these people assume about you on a daily basis, Imagine being treated...